5th Mediterranean University of Youth and Global Citizenship

     The European Association of Young Educators was present in Hammamet, Tunisia, between the 3rd and 9th of July 2017, in the 5th Mediterranean University of Youth and Global Citizenship, a week long training session hosted by the North-South Center, an extension of the Council of Europe. This institution is responsible not only for spreading human rights and democratic values among North-Africa, but to guarantee that these nations have a voice in the Council as well.

     Our team member, the Project Manager David Gil Gonçalves, took part in the Structured Participation in Democratic Processes programme, one of the four available. During that week, 19 youth activists, from 15 different countries, discussed the role of younger generations in a democratic scenario, exchanged good practices in this field and celebrated new relationships.

     This experience was really enriching and fruitful, not only from a professional perspective – taking into account the quality of the course and general quality of the responsible trainers – but specially from a personal standpoint. I met the most amazing, inspiring people during this week and it was really painful to leave Tunisia.”David Gil Gonçalves