Digital Citizenship Center

Considering that nowadays the relationship between political intitutions and the common citizen is more dubious and ever more relying on digital platforms, we joined forces with ForCitizens in favour of creating a proper space to provide the society with the means to reach their representatives.

“This is our response to the increasing gap between the policy output and the citizens’ claims.
  Instead of acting in name of the society, For Citizens focuses on providing the instruments for action. Taking into account that being informed and up-to-date is the core to citizenship, this place is projected to grant acess to scientific production, papers and books.

 In addition to it, since the older generations (and not only) are more prone to this technological gap, we will host workshops, training sessions and offer constant support to ease their online experience.”


Do you like this initiative and want to help us reach further audiences? Let us know by sending an email to info@youngeducators.eu