For Citizens Radio

    In order to spread information and european values, to foster debate and interest between citizens and to advertise output in the cultural domain, our association is helping For Citizens to create an online radio platform, able to reach further audiences and contribute to the general understanding of the European project.  

“Our team will transmit, at least: 2 daily news clip; 1 weekly European history program; 1 weekly interview; 1 weekly resume of the main intervention and issues in the European Parliament.

In addition to that, every partner or other interested (and interesting!) european NGOs may present their work – they will have access to 1 hour of monthly radio transmission. Their content is briefly revised by our association before airing – to make sure it respects both european values and our objectives and goals – but the methodology and content is entirely up to the other team.

The radio will operate 24/7 online, always in english, and will tackle European news and contemporary issues: this should include debates, interviews, podcasts and other radio programmes that promote the conversation about the European project, and its challenges. Between these and the news, we are interested in transmiting music made exclusivly by European artists.

We expect and increase in democratic participation from the European citizens, considering that having acess to a proper radio, related to european affairs, will foster more awareness about the European Union’s past, present and future. Aditionally, our european radio is intend to be a space for critical thinking and discussion in order to empower both participants and listners.”


Want to help us developing this initiative? Great, send us an email to info@youngeducators.eu