Training Course – Mentoring from A to Z about EVS

          European Association of Young Educators participated in the Training Course – Mentoring from A to Z about EVS, in Bulgaria, organized by CVS-Bulgaria. The training started on 30th June and finished on 6th July, taking place in Emen, a small village located near the old Bulgarian capital: Veliko Tarnovo.

     Since Young Educators is a recent accredited EVS organisation, our Project Manager Sónia da Costa participated in a full week of training, aiming to improve competences of mentors in dealing with volunteers and to ensure the implementation of EVS projects of high quality by providing an adequate, prepared and trained personal support system for the volunteers.

Definitely was an intense week of sharing, learning, discovering new competences, tools, skills and new subjects regarding EVS reality. Despite the notorious professional growth, this experience was also marked by human connections”Sónia da Costa

Once a young butterfly was trying to get out of a cocoon. A man saw it and cut the cocoon in half in order to help the animal. This butterfly never learn to fly, because the struggle of breaking a cocoon shaptes his wing muscles and enables him to fly high. Remember that each struggle prepares you to flip high.”