Tutorship for migrants


     Taking into account the current refugee crisis and how it was used by far-right populism to gather support, our association offers a tutorship service in order to proper include this new citizens in our society, making them more confortable with their surroundings and the other way around.

     This initiative aims to foster tolerance, respect and open-mindedness towards migrants by making them closer to the local population. Since it takes place in schools and other educational institutions, it is specially dedicated to younger citizens – which is an indirect way to include whole families in the community. By bringing the migrants closer to the society – and the other way around – Young Educators hopes to foster social cohesion and inclusion.

     After the actual tutorship, we plan on hosting a stakeholder event to share experiences and best practices in order to establish a proper toolkit for social intervention, but as well to create a fully capable network of NGOs to help migrants in any situation.

     Think you can help us reach new audiences? Great, join us by sending an email to info@youngeducators.eu