About Young Educators

We are an European non profit and non governmental for development organization of young people. We feel that Europe is a continent without borders, without racial or ethnic differences. We feel Europe as a place where we can be different and diverse. As young people, we want to use our energy to fight for our causes, and empower young people to move Europe in a new direction, and promote human rights, equality, social inclusion, citizenship and knowledge.


We are a non-governmental non-profit European organization created to help and serve young people. Our 47-star logo is the mirror of our action that goes beyond the European Union, including all countries of the Council of Europe. We, as young people too, want to use our energy to fight for our causes and motivate other youngsters to move Europe in a new direction. This direction promotes human rights, equality, social inclusion, citizenship, culture, healthy lifestyle, protection of the environment and technological knowledge.

     Our Plan of Activities for 2017-2022 is the result of 10 years of pilot projects, positive experiences, success stories and also some frustrated projects. All this work allowed to test some organizational concepts and laid the basis of the work that we are currently developing, and especially, what we are preparing for the future. Through these projects, we seek to empower young people with tools that help them understand the functioning of society, but above all, give them the possibility to influence the decision-making process and even take part in it. We also want to break with the generalized idea – and growing trend – that accessibility to political participation depends heavily on family conditions. We want to promote the integration of young people who tend to have less access to these initiatives, and consequently contribute to the reduction of inequality between social classes.

As an institution for young people, we believe our work is an essential factor to foster not only the involvement of the younger generations but the change and acceleration in the discussion and implementation of policies that strengthen the union of our European society as well. This union must be based on a democratic regime, based on humanitarian values ​​and full respect for Human Rights, freedom of expression, critical thinking and equality in all its aspects.

Adding to this Youth participation and turnout in elections is reaching new low levels and, according to the Eurobarometer, 79% of young Europeans between the ages of 15 and 30 do not consider the possibility of applying for an election during their lifetime. Eurobarometer 2 data from 2013 reinforces this idea: 23% of young people who participated in at least one associative activity consider the possibility of being candidates for an election. At the same time, only 14% of the young people, without any associative participation, were willing to apply.

Therefore, it is essential to create opportunities that enable young people to access experiences that bring them closer to active participation and critical thinking about our societies. This willingness to support the participation of young people is present in the Treaty of Lisbon, Article 165, which states that one of the objectives of the EU should be to stimulate the participation of young people in the democratic life of Europe.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world.”


Do you want to be a Young Educators Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors represent us in their Educational Community, through the promotion of Human Rights, Equality and Active Citizenship.

In this context, the Ambassadors support us in the development of actions of dissemination and education for Human Rights, Equality and Citizenship in their School.

As an Ambassador, you have the possibility to attend one or more trainings abroad every year, and all the costs are supported by us.

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Declaration of Principles

Gender equality: We refuse any kind of economical, social or other type of discrimination based on gender or sexual freedom;

Human Rights: We subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we defend its application without any exception;

Voluntary termination of pregnancy: Although we consider that life in all its forms or development phases is important, we defend the decriminalization of the Voluntary termination of pregnancy for two reasons: First, our society is far from being able to respond to all the essential necessities to whom wants to have a child, which turns out to be a natural obstacle to the desire of many young people to become a parent. Second and main reason, the decision to become or not to become a mother is a essential and irrevocable right of women, who have the final call regarding the subject;

Homosexuality and adoption: We defend that homosexual couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples. The adoption must be allowed because a family is not only constituted by a men and a woman. There are many configurations and all of them count. Love doesn’t have gender;

The government’s social role: In a society with that many inequalities, it is essential that the government has an active role in reestablishing equality and that it supports every citizen that temporary or permanently require economical or social support in order to be able to live a dignified life;

The government’s economical role: In our vision, the government must be active when it necessary to defend the public interest., as well as, when it is necessary to stimulate essential economic areas. However, the existence of space for private initiative is also essential;

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): We defend its existence and its European States’ support, because of its important role developed after World War II, but mainly because of its actual role as a common form of defense to the member states of the Organization. However, we reject the use of this Organization for the defense of particular interests of some member States;

Environment and mankind’s role in its degradation: It is undeniable that mankindcontributes to global warming and environmental degradation. We defend that is essential to change behaviors in order to neutralize the human impact on the environment and to provide a cohabitation between every living being;

Health: We defend the necessity to educate citizens for the impact of their choices on their health, and the impact of medicine on their lives. We defend the continuity and the improvement of the National Healthcare and the access to everyone, independently of their social or economical condition;

Education: We defend public and free education. We also defend a change in education in order to promote a inclusive, democratic, innovator education, that promotes personal and social development of the learners through methods that allow intellectual and global growth of the youngsters, not only in a academic way, but mainly in a human way;

Immigration: We defend the free circulation of people, mainly in a situation of humanitarian need, as well as, the States’ obligation regarding their integration in the European Society ;

Citizenship: We defend youth participation in every way of public participation, but also politic, whether it is through a party or not, in a local, state or European level, as a way too defend the common interest. Also, as a way to contribute positively for the essential changes for a more democratic and plural society;

European Integration: We defend a federalist Europe, that is governed by organs elected by the European population, based on human and social values.