European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is a new EU initiative directed to young European between 18 and 30 years. It is an opportunity for young people to volunteer or work on projects that benefit people and communities in their home country and/or all around Europe. These projects can have a duration from two to twelve months and take place in European countries. Furthermore, the European Solidarity Corps combines two fronts, the volunteering aspect and the professional aspect. The volunteering aspect, deeply connected to the European Voluntary Service, is funded and it is also a full time activity. On the other hand, there is a more professional path, that favors employability, by providing valuable internship opportunities in solidarity-related fields across Europe.

All these activities, whether voluntary or professional, are developed in fields such as education, health care, social integration and social work, including the reception and integration of migrants, but also the environmental protection and the prevention of natural disasters. Every programme showcases a deep altruistic behaviour and the will to help others, two values that we aim to spread and consolidate. Despite how recent this initiative is – it started in December 2016 – Young Educators is keen on taking an active role in its promotion and execution. We are considering new opportunities to develop some programmes under this scope of action.

Are you interested in participating, helping or taking an active role through a partnership? Great, let us know!