Gender Equality

“Fighting Gender Stereotypes and Sexism”

This project, mainly designed to raise awareness, foster dialogue and propose new solutions, is especially focused on students and young adults – hopefully, by ensuring that today’s youth are advocates for equality, Young Educators is also guaranteeing a brighter alternative for our common future. A modern society must ensure that men and women, boys and girls, have access to the same opportunities, rights and resources – there is no room for discrimination and preferential treatment. In addition to that, societies that recognise the value of empowered women will benefit from their contribution to the general quality of living.

Even though Europe is a champion in regard to women’s rights, specially when comparison to other regions of the world, there is a long way to achieve a proper, broad and consolidated gender equality. Recently, some conservative governments have been back tracking on this subject, reestablishing unfair laws and bringing their countries to the past – once again. Taking that into account, Young Educators is hosting a series of workshops and non-formal education events regarding sexual harassment, empowering mothers, equal gender payment, the willingness to grant women higher profile positions, etc. These are being developed and implemented at the moment, but we may not have reached your region… let us know and help spread these values! Contact us!