University as an inclusion project

Education is a place of multiple places, it is the world of worlds. But it is also the place where sometimes we are instrumentalized for an industrialized world. A place where we have to be standardized and follow the rules of a system made to favor the few, not all.

To change this it’s essential to rethink education. It’s essential to have a university that commits and dedicates itself to promote an equal condition of life for every citizen, taking into account their heterogeneity resulting from social, gender, ethnicity or any other attribute in a way to minimize the social disadvantages that every marginalized person encounters everyday. 

A place where democratic philosophy promotes the emancipation of its students as citizens.

Where we question our own questions and debate our thoughts and our society as a whole. Where the right of speech does not kill human rights. A place where we can learn how to build a society where we are all treated with respect regardless of our social status or cultural background. Where difference is normality. Where mistakes are part of the learning process. Where the big picture is the sum of all opinions.

For these reasons we joined other organisations and started building a university that is accessible to everyone, a place where people are empowered.

This project will offer a great variety of opportunities for students to achieve their higher education objectives, overpassing their personal barriers. The education programme will comprise lectures, group classes, research projects, and ongoing evaluation, always focusing on students’ success.

Students will get the possibility to study from their home, or in one of our study centers around the world. With very comprehensible fees, and a great variety of grants for the ones in need, and for countries in development.

These programmes will start in 2022. Stay tuned!